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Skylarks and Water Lilies

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i love this mix, where do you find ur music. its a great way to unwind after a crazy day and it gets my son super sleepy for bedtime :) thank you

you know how to break my heart! this is so perfect and accurate collection with favorite pianists, orchestras and composers as well. I was absolutely impressed with Toru Takemitsu Toward the Sea (playing by Mikael Helasvuo and Jukka Savijoki). his music more avant-garde, mystical but at the same time has many elements of impressionist aesthetics. it is known, that impressionists were searching the inspiration in Japanese culture where impression is the main component of their world-view. ok, no words anymore, just music! thank you so much for this beauty (Francis Poulenc, Frederick Delius, Philip Glass)! one of the best your classical mixes.

I always love to have you listening kmysko :)
I'm glad you like the inclusion of the Toru Takemitsu! Yes, I think Impressionism owes a lot to the Japanese aesthetic, and Takemitsu's music really embodies the fusion of the eastern and western ideals so well. I didn't want to be too strict about what 'impressionism' is, hence I included the marvellous Philip Glass - I just wanted to evoke a sense of peaceful, wandering suggestiveness.

yeah, I see. and this is great idea to fix the idea/mood of impressionism. not only to include the historical impressionism as I did. this is one of the ways of interpretation (for a moment I thought why I did not do that?). in any case, it's all fine. I believe that this mix might unite faithful and trusty fans.

Thanks, Gerbuho, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)
I spent ages trying to decide the artwork - there are so many Impressionist masterpieces to choose from. In the end I picked this because it combined the pond with lily pads and the reflection of the sky ..