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8 comments on Sorrows

Love it. It's so wonderful! The sorrows of the young Werther is the best book ever. When I'm sad and even when I'm happy, I take this novel out of my bookshelf and leaf through it. The music is so adequate and perfect for this masterpiece.

Oh thank you so much! I too adore this novel. It left such an impact on me when I read it some years ago and I've held it close ever since.

I even bought a blue blazer and some yellow pants once. :D I'm from germany and my german teacher at that time got the reference and laughed so hard when I entered the classroom. :)

What a sombre yet beautiful image. Glad to make the soundtrack to a moment; thanks for listening sidekick! (and I hope the birthday flowers bloomed for a happy day while they lived)

"Die meisten verarbeiten den größten Teil der Zeit, um zu leben, und das bisschen, das ihnen von Freiheit übrig bleibt, ängstigt sie so, dass sie alle Mittel aufsuchen, um es los zu werden."