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Soundtracks for Life and Other Adventures


I saw Hans Zimmer live this week and it was utter magic (if you get the chance while he is on tour, go - you will not regret it!). This mix contains soundtracks by Hans Zimmer and many of the composers who have worked with his company Remote Control Productions, including Ramin Djawadi and James Newton Howard.


30 tracks
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I don't know if you'll ever see this comment but I wanted to thank you, SO much, because had you not published this playlist, I would have never known about Hans Zimmer's tour around Europe. I did some research and planning, and I was able to catch his show in Dublin at the end of May, which was nothing short of spectacular. Again, thank you :)

@salems-lot I seem to have missed your comment but I read it today and it made me so happy :) I'm really glad you discovered Hans Zimmer's tour and that you got to experience it too! It makes me thankful I published this mix. What an experience!

i saw him live at wembley on day 2.... holy shit i was mind-blown by his concert. ending with inception was the best decision ever. goosebumps! :')

This is another wonderful, epic mix, dear Idril. :) Thank you so much for making such a pleasant compilation. Seeing Hans Zimmer live must have been amazing experience! He's coming here, to Prague, in two weeks but unfortunately, I can't go. But considering I saw great maestro Ennio Morricone on January live, I bet that Zimmer's show is worth to see, as well. If I could, I would make all these excellent soundtrack composers to organize a live tour. It would be a smash hit.