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sugared violets

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This version of light dance with the violin is unbelievable. Where did you find it? I've only ever heard a solo piano version and I must have it!!

very very nice, I actually banged and clawed away in my bass guitar along to this mix.
You might dig the Tony Takitani OST if you haven't already, fits right in with this mix, it would. TA!

Ohh wish I had a bass guitar to jam with! Haven't heard the Tony Takitani OST but I will certainly give it a listen, thanks for the rec.

gorgeous. Light Dance left me breathless. beyond words. glowing tightness in my chest as if this muscle is going to burst from vibrational overload. the tumbled sea has always unlocked that quiet place and you chose just the right track to do it.. I thank you. a truly glorious mix. you've undoubtedly done it again.

Wow thank you! Light Dance is an incredible track, always gets me. So glad you enjoyed so much, I am particularly in love with the tracks in this mix, so happy to share them. :)