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Tales of Other Worlds


The ultimate collection of medieval / ethnic / ethereal folk sounds. A neverending dialogue between ancient and modern, real and imagined.

Includes (amongst many artists) Mediaeval Baebes, David Arkenstone and Lisa Gerrard.

Full track list:

60 tracks
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Another amazing mix. Gosh there need to be some new words invented just to describe your playlists. :) What is the name of the song that's listed in Chinese (I think?) characters? It says the album is Harmonica and the year is 2009. It's lovely!

Aw, thank you :D
The song is by Akiko Shikata, a unique Japanese folk singer - and I think the song title translates to something like 'To the Unending Lands'..

this is simply beautiful. I have a hard time discovering new music of the style, not knowing where to search so your mixes are really helpful <3

Thank you so much for this! Listening to this mix is like the best cure for everyday stress and problems. I adore the atmosphere in these songs. Now, reading fantasy has become even more enjoyable.
Thanks a lot. :)

this is so beautiful and i really feel like i'm going to other worlds!! can i just have your music library?? :) great job!