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Tales of Other Worlds


The ultimate collection of medieval / ethnic / ethereal folk sounds. A neverending dialogue between ancient and modern, real and imagined.

Includes (amongst many artists) Mediaeval Baebes, David Arkenstone and Lisa Gerrard.

Full track list:

60 tracks
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Another amazing mix. Gosh there need to be some new words invented just to describe your playlists. :) What is the name of the song that's listed in Chinese (I think?) characters? It says the album is Harmonica and the year is 2009. It's lovely!

Aw, thank you :D
The song is by Akiko Shikata, a unique Japanese folk singer - and I think the song title translates to something like 'To the Unending Lands'..

Thank you so much for this! Listening to this mix is like the best cure for everyday stress and problems. I adore the atmosphere in these songs. Now, reading fantasy has become even more enjoyable.
Thanks a lot. :)