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Tea, Books and a Blanket


And all the quiet songs and dreamy instrumentals you need.

By Japanese folktronica / ambient / neo-classical artists. Cover art by susurri on flickr.

25 tracks
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fantastic mix of tracks we do not usually hear - just something weird : there is a link "listen on Youtube" for the song "Lullaby" by tanaka makoto, but ...the link appears to send you to another crazy track :
Is it really the purpose ?:-)

The song by tanaka makoto is really not a well known song, I'm not even sure it's on youtube, so I guess the 8tracks/youtube linkup just failed on that one.. I've seen that happen a few times before with lesser known songs ( maybe it's not on youtube at all, I don't know.. I found the song from the label's website: )

Listening to new songs or artists that we don't know, this is what I like to 8 tracks and I'm trying to do it as well for my own playlists. So thank you for sharing