14 comments on The Dragon’s Bride by Idril

Hi, you've posted a link in the description of a Eastern European Camp. I am so amazed things like this exist and happy that people around the world are learning and feeling this music as a part of who they are. Have you ever been to any of those camps?

@myankulova Hi, thanks for your comment! The link in the description used to go directly to an information page about the particular myth that inspired this mix. Somehow the link now goes to the Eastern European Camp's homepage, although I think this is really interesting and has lots more information about cultural events. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to attend an event like this myself, but it seems like a wonderful thing to do! I think sharing our cultures and arts is a beautiful way to connect with each other. And I have such an appreciation for Eastern European cultures, especially the rich and vibrant musical traditions.

@Idril thanks for this particular mix as well all your others. I really enjoy exploring everything you put on. Hope you are having a lovely day!

Such a wonderful deep dive in the epicness! I love that you have so many different mixes - I can always find something that suits me here and now :)

When I listen to This mix in my car I can't help but imagine a dragon by the side of the road, such epicness is always needed x)