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The Fairy Prince


He pours his mortals melonwine
until they have their names forgot
then clasps he them unto his chest
his hands all slick with berry gore
and whisks them quick away to dance
and spin into oblivion

Photo: Oberon at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, taken by theangel24601 on tumblr; my edit

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Is the poem in the description yours? If not, where is it from? It's beautiful... I love this mix so much, and the poem is so beautiful too, your taste never fails to amaze.

I'm glad you like that song, I love it! It's not as easily available as it should be - but you can find it here on the artist's website on the album Domus (2004). You can't buy that song individually I'm afraid, but although it's kind of expensive, I do highly recommend every track on that album. You can preview them here: