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the mist would whisper half-remembered dreams

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beautiful. i have been looking for similar artists to haruka nakamura. do you have any other playlists or artists you'd recommend? looking for japanese ambient music with a soft and nostalgic vibe

I have listened to each of your playlists and i can honestly say its been a super enriching experience that has humbled me to my core in a society that demands a state of arrogance to get by....your work is uncompromising in purity....absolutely amazing. Dont ever stop enriching the lives of others the way you do through music. it is a gift

After a rough day your comment just put a smile on my face - thank you :) I just love music, thoughts and emotions and want to share them with people like yourself.

Glad you enjoy them! Yeah unfortunately a lot of these artists are quite obscure but they can all be found on amazon as mp3 downloads (except Paniyolo but his album is on itunes).
If you're broke you could always try filestube. :)