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The Murder of Philosophy


415 A.D.
Hypatia of Alexandria would put on her philosopher's cloak and publicly interpret Plato. She had risen to the pinnacle of civic virtue. For her wisdom and beauty, many adored her.

But conflict simmered between Roman rule and the newly legitimised Christians...

And a multitude of believers in God arose against the pagan Hypatia, stripping her and dragging her through the streets until she died.

With that unworthy act, they destroyed the last remains of idolatry in Alexandria.

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I think this is an idea mix for people who are philosophical in all aspect . I am glad to have come across this and from the reviews below I have learnt a lot . Thanks for the good work :)

My history teacher introduced me to Agora a few weeks ago, and since then I've seen it twice and haven't been able to get it off my mind. It's such a powerful and tragic story, and sadly parallels conflict in the modern world. Thank you for another phenomenal and incredibly moving playlist.

It really is one of those films that gets inside your head and makes you think. I adored it and find it powerful and troubling; as you say, eerily paralleling contemporary issues. I'm really glad to hear you found the playlist represented it well :)

I am literally writing a review about this movie right now, concerning the historical aspect. Glad I came across this mix ! What a wonderful coincidence, thank you ! :)

Thank you so much for introducing me (and many others, it seems) to the movie Agora. I cannot tell you how wonderful I found it. It makes you think very, very deeply about the violence that can come of faith.

I'm so glad to hear that! I find it intensely thought-provoking and even disturbing too, as well as being a beautifully made and emotive film.