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The Story of Music: 20th Century


I know that the twelve notes in each octave and the varieties of rhythm offer me opportunities that all human genius will never exhaust.
- Igor Stravinsky


The 7th and final part in a series:


Cover: Violin Hanging on the Wall by Pablo Picasso

15 tracks
4 comments on The Story of Music: 20th Century

@asaree Haha! Yes I just knew, too much atonal music is just too much... The 20th century is so interesting because it's so experimental, but it is not exactly user-friendly ;) Jazz helps balance that!

@asaree I rediscovered my love of Shostakovich while making this mix to be honest. I will probably be making a kind of early to mid 20th century mix in the next few months, so that will definitely have plenty of Shostakovich!