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The Story of Music: Ancient


Then beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity, – I mean the true simplicity of a rightly and nobly ordered mind and character.
- Plato, 'The Republic'


This is part 1 in an annotated collection:

Cover: Orpheus tames beasts with music, Roman mosaic in the Museo archeologico regionale di Palermo, photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto

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Hi!! Could i have the tracklist for the whole story of music series? I really thing its a fascinating concept and want to listen to it but i only get 30 min of listening a week :(

That's great! In all my music History classes, we always used to start with medieval music, and I actually didn't even know there were historical reconstructions of ancient music (I thought the partitions weren't whole, or lost, or simply haven't been written down). Thank you so much for this! (And for all your wonderful playlists, I always come back to your page for music to study to!)