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The Story of Music: Classical


Well, my dear Sir, I have been pleased against my will, I could almost say; for I must own I went out in very ill humour, which I think you cannot wonder at: but the music and the singing were charming; they soothed me into a pleasure the most grateful, the best suited to my present disposition in the world.
- Fanny Burney, 'Evelina'


Part 5 in an ongoing series:


Cover: The Gore Family by Johann Zoffany

15 tracks
6 comments on The Story of Music: Classical

Thank you! I love classical music, but I've never done any study involving music. This compilation and your annotations are really helpful to introduce a newbie in this rich world. Thanks :)

It's so rare to find someone who has a music collection that includes all genres - especially classical, soundtrack, and Celtic! You give me hope for humanity. Keep up the good work. And thank you so much for the fabulous annotations! As a history major, I'm loving them.

@Morgain I don't think I could live without a multiplicity of music in my life, and I'm glad that's not off-putting for you (I know there is maybe a lack of coherency in my 8tracks collection sometimes, but I just want it to reflect my own tastes). And I'm really happy you enjoy the annotations - they're mostly my way of working through the music, trying to understand it and appreciate it on a deeper level. And even better if that helps other people too!