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The Story of Music: Medieval


He who makes songs without feeling spoils both his words and his music.
- Guillaume Machaut


Part 2 of an ongoing collection:


Cover: La Dame à la licorne tapestry; lady and her maidservant (accompanied by lion and unicorn) play an organ in a scene depicting the sense of hearing.

15 tracks
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Gorgeous. I find myself bumping into your mixes often. As I teach World History to high school students, I find this mix wonderful for our current Middle Ages unit...thanks so very much for the mix AND the annotations!

Hi! Sorry to trouble you but I was wondering, might you be willing to upload your annotations to the songs somewhere available for users outside of the US/Canada who cannot listen to the songs on 8tracks anymore? Sorry for the trouble, but I enjoyed your annotations so much. They were extremely interesting. While I can find the songs (at least some of them) elsewhere online, the fact that I can't access the information you so kindly provided is just such a shame...

@akitku Hi, thanks for your comment and I'm glad that you enjoyed this series and the annotations! This is still maybe my proudest creation here on 8tracks and it's a real shame you can't access it anymore. I am going to do my best to come up with a way to provide the annotations - it will be difficult, I think, to sync up the songs and the annotations anywhere else, but I will do my best. If not then I will make the annotations available on their own somewhere as soon as I can (it might take me a little while - but I will let you know when I have sorted something out!). Thanks again for your comment! :):):)

@Idril Gosh, thank you so much for replying! :) Well, if you manage it would be wonderful. And if it doesn't work out, then it would be great to simply read the annotations even without them being synced to the music. I just realized I follow you on tumblr (though I'm not there most of the time) so there or anywhere else would be great! Thank you again! XD

Excellent! I haven't studied history beyond a high school and personal level, and I found your annotations just as perfect as the music. I love medieval music and its wonderful to actually find out what some of the specific songs are about.

This playlist is very cool and educational! I love the annotations! As a history major who loves music and the medieval period, and who also loves to learn about the music of this period, I find this fascinating! Thank you so much for making it!