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Tread real careful in this jungle, boy...

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Idril, I've just started to listen to 8tracks, and you're THE ONE WHO can RELIEVE MY deep thirst to good music... I've been waiting for you so long. Love ya!

*blushes* I'm honoured, and welcome to 8tracks XD May great music continue to spread its wonderful way through the internet and glad if I can help it make its way to new ears!

I have to say....While there are a lot of wonderful mixers on this website, you are one of the two who speak to me consistently. You introduce my ears to something new and interesting with each mix. For example, I've heard a lot of dubstep on this website, but I've never heard dubstep like this!

I'm trying to write a book, and your mixes transport me to a new world. Just what I need for the total immersion I crave.

I follow you because I know that any of your mixes will provide me songs I'll love, and some of them will give me eargasms so strong, I'll be left breathless! In short, you are awesome! Please continue to make mixes that befit the awesomeness of your taste. :)

Aww thank you for such a lovely comment. :D I love to hear that people write to my mixes, I write my novels to music all the time and I know how integral it can be to getting inspired. So happy to have you following!