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Agony, triumph, adrenaline, ascension...

A careful selection of absolutely epic tracks. Basically, just listen and save the world (or do, you know, normal stuff...but more epically).


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25 tracks
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Oh, The Last of the Mohicans, part of me is glad the movie was nothing like the book by Cooper ... though, guh, that song. The Kiss. Probably my favorite soundtrack title ever.

Yeah I know the song, it's amazing and so epic! The only reason I didn't include it here is because this was intended as an instrumental mix. But I am sure I will use that in some future epic mix :)

Love this mix! Actually, I take that back- I love all of your mixes (that I've listened to thus far)! There's something to be said for a composition that swells your spirit with an indomitable sense of (for lack of another expression) "efff yeahhhh!!!!", and then to keep hearing tracks after that perpetuate that feeling! The main reason we listen to music, I'd say, is to evoke emotions, so my hat goes off to you, Idril, for providing a playlist that keeps me wanting more!! :)