19 comments on West African Impressions by Idril

I can't express how much this playlist means to me! The music makes you quite nostalgic, yet it has a happy beat. This is amazing!! Thank you

@pheebsSP Yes I agree, there is kind of a wistful, sad nostalgia but at the same time these songs also make me smile so much. I'm really glad you like it! :D

loving this mix. when I had the chance to visit Niger many years ago I just loved all the music I was hearing. Baaba Maal was one of the artists I managed to pick up on that trip. such beauty.

I've only been on 8 tracks a hand full of times. This is hands down the best playlist I've listened to while here. These songs hit you right in the feels, ol' boy!

A lovely playlist of some beautiful fusion sounds of West Africa!!! Rhythm is in the African blood.....love listening to music from Africa!!! I grew up in E. Africa and used to love the African beat and will always do but we don't hear any of the beautiful music coming out of that continent on either radio or TV. Thank you Idril and please keep sharing your West African music....!!!

You are truly an inspiration, and this is a supremely fantastic set of songs. Thank you for sharing your refined taste in music yet again :)