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woodland fantasia


dog roses and nymph toes in cool brookestreams, bluebell brandy drip-dripping from crags, wild lavender hedges and honeysuckle faerie mazes, naiads and draiads and riverlong days, breezes awash with briarleaf scent, rabbit dwellings in beech-shade burrows, babybirds nestled in hazel and cedar twig, faun play and stag chase and dappled doe grazing, plum tree witch groves and foxglove pixie paths, mayday-young crystal-eyed wood princess, oak-old grandfather wood spirit.

18 tracks
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i had a feeling this would be good. and oh how i was right. i don't know how you did it, but this is the perfect mix of everything melancholy and everything wonderful. it is a vortex of nostalgic love, and i am so happy it exists. this is the way of reaching nirvana, i'm sure of it. the word perfect suggests something is flawless and without fault. that means that it's the exact word to describe what you've created. thank you.

This is insane, Idril! Actually, this is the cure for writer's block. I'm so, so grateful for this mix, it just calls my muses. ( I just finished a scene I've been struggling with in a story of mine... )
When I publish my finished story and it becomes a movie, I'll summon you so that you can bless the soundtrack with your talent ;)

That's wonderful!! I'd be more than happy to bless the soundtrack and the very best of luck with your writing xx

Oh, I've never heard "Vocalise en forme de habanera" by Maurice Ravel! Fredrick Delius and others... The impressionist music is my old passion and it's very nice to discover this Ravel's masterpiece. And the whole mix is very accurate combination of classical and soundtrack music that perfectly goes with chosen animated pic. I was in the middle of "Age of Fable" (also perfect giant sellection with many new and rare tracks!) and suddenly it begins from the first track, so I need to switch the radio in order to reload my mood for the future listening.

I just discovered this Vocalise as well and I think it's stunning. I find this light, magical and pastoral style of impressionist classical music very inspiring. I'm glad you enjoyed this!

@Idril I'm really enjoyed! John Rutter, Andreas Scholl, Arnold Bax (one of the best underrated British composers for me!), Sergei Rachmaninoff. And special thanks for "The World of Kings". This is also great surprise for me (what a name of album! perfect for medieval mix, isn't it?).