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Calm your minds


More than a year now I have listened to playlists on 8tracks for studying and it helped me so much.. It's time to put some of my favourite music into one playlist. Enjoy ^.^

24 tracks
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This playlist literally compiles all of my favorites into one. I love it~~~~~~~! I was waiting and waiting for a Joe Hisaishi track to come up and thought maybe one wasn't going to but, it did. I am not disappointed.

@mv.l I'm so so happy you liked it! I tried my best to put all of my faves into this and how could I let Joe Hisaishi to not be one them? I enjoy his music way too much.. Thank you kindly for listening

I was having major anxiety issues today at work and this definitely helped me meditate and calm myself. Thank you so much for putting this beautiful playlist together! The power instrumental music has over the minds is crazy sometimes.