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there's never been anything normal about us <3


There's no ship know as well--no ship I feel in my soul the way I feel Clana. The playlist starts out sweet, protective and heartwarming, and becomes charged with passion and laced with heartbreak. Filled with songs from the show and songs and more.

Clana is THE OTP of all OTPs, and no one will convince me otherwise. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

tracklist: http://ohifonlyx33.tumblr.com/post/83475489872/theres-never-been-anything-normal-about-us-01

Excuse me while I go sob.

30 tracks
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Oh no way! Amazing how love changes us hehe ;) in all seriousness, I get you. Smallville has been a favorite of mine for forever, and I miss it dearly. Clana forever xx

Thanks! I've been shipping them since I was approximately 6. In fact, they're pretty much the ship that shaped my tastes in music! For the longest time, I would only listen to country music. Until I started watching Clana videos and hearing them in every song.