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Faith is a funny thing

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  • Illumination by Brand X Music
  • trevor morris by Trevor Morris
  • 1 Jodie's Suite by Andy30
  • From Past to Present by Jeremy Soule
  • The Amber (Main Theme) by Marek Iwaszkiewicz
  • Every Hair on Your Head (Ben Boysen remix) by Helios
  • Farewell And Into The Inevitable by Aaron The Canadian
  • Kawai Kenji by Kishi Ou no Hokori
  • Towering Stone by Marek Iwaszkiewicz
  • Spiritual Awakening by Future World Music
  • 06 Kiss Breakdown by -wallflowers
  • I Will Keep You Safe by Ramin Djawadi
  • One Way Out by Two Steps From Hell (Nero album)
13 tracks