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He made the moon his mistress
in the fated folds of night.
The stars, they were his courtiers
in the drafting of birthrights.
He read the sky and coaxed her
from the dark into the light.
From them he gathered destinies;
from them he gained his sight.

Astrologer, they called him —
the man who loved too hard.
A romancer of destiny,
the night sky’s only bard.
But he, he knew the truth of it,
of why he held his guard —
to wean from constellations
their secrets, long since scarred.

Mythmaker, they called him —
the man who tempted fate.
A philanderer of futures,
a seducer of great stakes.
But he, he knew the truth of it,
of how his dalliances narrate
the crossing of impending stars
in the sealing of soul mates.

Art: "Out There Revisited" by Gaius31duke on deviantART

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This playlist is magical. It weaves the myths of your title character exceedingly well :) And that cover art is beautiful, thanks for the link, I think I've found a new artist to explore!

This is a gem, made of the finest emerald; a legendary playlist that rivals the tracks of old. To you I depart my utmost gratitude, and hope for seconds when you're in the mood.

This playlist is getting me through so many college assignments! Thank you so much for putting this together. And your poems are all so wonderful and inspiring; they make my heart ache.