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numb bliss


I know the numb bliss
of ice gripping mountain tops
and wind licking lichened rocks.
I know the hairs that rise on skin
like spring on a cloak of snow — I’ve been
to spring before, you know.
But it was so very long ago.

I know the numb kiss
of sleep before a winter’s plight;
somehow I’ve made it all these nights
even as my veins turn to stone.
The chambers of my heart groan
as glaciers crashing in my chest,
but I don’t remember the rest.

I will surely miss
the scent of summer’s thighs
back when I sat in sunrise,
but she complained of my weight
and now I’m forced to hibernate.
Hush has fallen white and dumb;
and I am blissfully numb.

Read my poem here: http://tinyurl.com/hpzfsnv

Art: "Morning Mist In The Mountains" by Caspar David Friedrich

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Thank you so much for the wonderful playlist! I love the way it draws out thoughts and emotions, and yet let its presence fade into the background as I write. All that's on my mind is the words I want to pen down when I write, yet the music still plays a huge role in the periphery. The lightness of the tunes are absolutely delightful

I know it's weird, but I've been challenging my character creations lately, and been trying to make a demonic character which is both dark and innocent. This really helps with fleshing out the personality! Thank you!

@Not_Sure_If_Weaboo You are most welcome! And that's not weird at all -- I'm a writer myself, so a lot of my playlists are inspired by characters in one way or another. I'm just glad that you find it helpful! :)

@Igniparous Aha, now I've pinned down a book start, so hopefully I'll stick to it. Now I'm after an android that developed it's own mind and emotions, escaping the facility it was created within, planned along with the others as automated workers for the humans. Not sure what the conflict will be, but I'm only about two thousand words in so far on my second day.

Love the playlist and I enjoyed reading your poetry; the imagery it elicits along with the music makes for an experience unto itself. Thanks for sharing your talent and beauty : )