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Oh, Way of Weary Drifter


Oh, way of twisting root,
snarling beneath my feet,
serpentine it looped the vine
that caught me underneath.

Oh, way of groaning bridge,
creaking across the glen,
it mumbled as I tumbled
from the here until the then.

Oh, way of weary drifter,
carving through the cliffs,
long the road and strong I strode
on legs so sore and stiff.

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This helps me extremely when I'm trying to find songs to preform for violin. I've used about 3 of these songs. I thank you.

Love this playlist! I often listen to it while writing or painting and it really helps! Especially while painting because it helps steady my hand

this is a beautiful playlist, especially for writing a fantasy story because it helps me imagine that i'm in a medieval and fantasy world and makes writing a whole lot easier! kudos to you!