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The Lady of the Lilies

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A compilation of medieval style songs right out of a fairytale, including harp, lute, flute, and various other instruments.

Cover art:
"Lady of Shalott"
Digital Mixed Media Illustration
by Lauren Kelly Small, 2011

  • Peaceful Waters by cthru2k
  • Sonate for harp, G. Rossini by Renske Harp
  • منال محيي الدين by يمامة بيضا
  • . The Tale Of Icewind Dale (Movie 1) by user952397679
  • Pachelbel's Canon by Angels of Venice
  • Castle Jam by Stronghold
  • 鷲と天使 by Makiko Hirabayashi
  • Amongst the Roots, In the Water and Through the Air [Hammered Dulcimer] by Isabel Wiltshire
  • King of the fairies & The Butterfly by Mikuskovics Baum
  • Tre Fontane Ensemble by laila~
  • Fuwëles In The Frith by -mø-
  • 01 - the earl or essex's galliard by Luis Gimeno Romero
  • Arrival at the Docks by Icewind Dale II
  • Safe In Beregost by Talinfein
  • Lover's Requiem by Angels of Venice
  • solo harp by Butterfly Emerges From Cocoon
  • Sunrise of Flutes by mertusta
  • Soundtrack by Stronghold 2
18 tracks
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