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The Mage


We who tread through endless night
and know the secrets of the earth,
we who bear the spirit light
and hold the threads of death and birth.

We who’ve touched the untold planes
and sang the songs of gods undone,
we who’ve mastered wind and rain
and forged great power from the sun.

We who conjure back from bleak
ancient hymns both blessed and tragic,
we who never cease to seek —
we who practice and preach magic.

Art: http://nisachar.deviantart.com/art/MBX-Vol-02-06-Karna-Refuses-312930866

19 tracks
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Magical, I've never heard Empire of Angels and I stalk Bergersen's music pretty thouroughly haha, great stuff here, I'm also new to the Dragon Age music so I'm very exicted to see it here as well.

@Kaiju8 Happy to help you discover something new! (And, by the way, I stalk Bergersen's music too!) I'm pretty much obsessed with everything Dragon Age at the moment (seeing as I'm elbows deep in Inquisition) and will probably have a lot more music from it in playlists to come.