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The Noble


white powder
red lips
fluttering capes
polished quips
sequined masks
silent smirks
chalky laughs
hidden dirks
whispers whetted
on pearls and pleasure
blades embedded
with careful measure
we dance and drink and dream of fame,
but, my dear, it’s a part of the game
-- Stellular Scribe

Cover art: http://lorlandchain.deviantart.com/art/palace-of-crystal-50763072

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Oh my god, "Angel Falls" is from the sequence on the Fresh Water episode of Planet Earth. I love that series! The music is so moving, I just never expected to see it on an 8tracks playlist. Thanks for that

hi i love your playlists!! i was just wondering if "Episode 55 - Phrase of the Day NHK語学_おとなの基礎英語" is a pirates of the caribbean song??? ahaha it just sounds like it would be and i have been searching for ages to find it!! i looked up the title listed here and i could not find any way to listen to it!!!! aaaa if you know where i could download it that would be amazing!

@heckai Thank you! Sorry that the tagging system is all messed up. I made this playlist before 8tracks transitioned away from Soundcloud and some things got titled incorrectly or completely changed. The song you are referring to is indeed from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack by Hans Zimmer -- I believe that particular one is a version of "Jack Sparrow." You can probably download it from the "Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" soundtrack on iTunes (I don't know if there's anywhere else you could get it). Hope that helped! :)

Love this, of course :) and like others say, it really helps when I need extra creativity or concentration.