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The Nomad's Home


Gather ’round the fire, friend,
we’re not such a scary lot.
Sure, that one’s been condemned a witch
and the drunk one here’s a sot.
But we’re nomads, braced against the world,
adventurers rare and true --
and the fire here’s so warm, my friend,
see, we cook a lovely stew.
Now don’t shy away, come sit by me;
and I’ll strum you a mellow hymn,
and together we will share this toast
until our bellies brim.

Cover source: http://www.gaming-age.com/2013/03/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-new-screens-and-info/

  • The Cat And The Moon by Värttinä
  • Tavern Lore by The Lord of the Rings Online™: Helm’s Deep™
  • 01 Saltarello by Le Caste Nymphe
  • Rose of May from Final Fantasy IX on the harp by Branna Laurelin
  • The Witcher Music- Inns & Taverns by Tavern Music
  • Day of Destiny, Theme of Saint Haven by Erutan
  • Ultima V Lazarus Greyson's Song by Eek Eekerson
  • Lamento Di Tristano & Rotta by Valentina Bellanova
  • The Bannered Mare by LoganMCW
  • Once We Were by dragon age inquisition ost
  • World Of Warcraft (Human tavern music) by Murat
  • NeverWinter Nights 2 Tavern Music (256kbit) by Hallaalkar
  • Salterello ll and Trotto by NY Ensemble for Early Music/Glen Velez
  • Tavern 9 by Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Skyrim Cover by Tale of the Tongues
  • Chominciamento Di Gioia by Peppe Frana
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean Tavern ROLL20 by Ben Lattimer
  • Sera Was Never by dragon age tavern song
  • The Clergy's Lamentation by Sue Richards
  • Ultima Lazarus by Stones
  • Anon, London MS. (14th c.) by Belicha
  • World Of Warcraft (Dwarven Tavern Music) by itwasthatguy
  • Beer Beer Beer! by GMToolbox
  • Tavern 4 by Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Ghost of the Tavern by Creptius
  • Bring Us In Good Ale by lydiamccauley
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4 comments on The Nomad's Home

@anon-100000500302634 If you mean the very first song in the playlist, it is "The Cat and the Moon" and it's from the Lord of the Rings musical shown at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London. I know that you can find that one on iTunes.
However, if you mean the first song in the Witcher Music compilation, I think it is called "Murky Waters Country Inn Song" but it's not a part of the official soundtrack so it'll be hard to find it anywhere to download. Sorry for the confusion! The songs aren't tagged very well.

@anon-100000500302634 Hi! That track is a compilation of 4 inn and tavern songs from the video game The Witcher. The composers are Paweł Błaszczak and Adam Skorupa. I'm not sure if they're available to purchase on iTunes with the official soundtrack, but the songs in order are Music Tavern 1, Tavern at the End of the World, Music Tavern 3, and Evening in the Tavern. Hope that helped, and thanks for listening!

What is the name and artist of the first song on this list? I love it so much and can't for the life of me find it anywhere

Thanks so much for this! I'm writing a book that takes place in Ireland and this is awesome writing music. :)

@NotARobot You're welcome! I'm glad that it helps. I also use this playlist to help me when I write. Good luck on your book! It sounds fantastic. :)