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The Traveler


Restless is the wanderer,
inconstant are her itching feet
that cannot bide the ties of time
or ramble the well-travelled streets.
Nothing more than ‘fixed’ she fears,
and ‘settled’ stirs her skin with snakes —
adventure and the unknown steers
her into strange and thrilling stakes.
With each mountain matched and scaled
the lines across her map unravel,
for the wanderer can’t be nailed
in her life of constant travel.

Cover art: http://donmalo.deviantart.com/art/FERRYMAN-431408467

19 tracks
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Hey, superb playlist. More than that, amazing blog. I'm an amateur writer myself, so I found the writing tips section especially helpful. Kudos, and keep up the amazing work. You're very talented. :)

I love this mix, really. So many epic tracks. I've been trying to find "
Roll20 Tartalo Music" on Youtube but I've had no luck so far. Do you know if it has a different name? Thank you~

@Tsunade Shirahime Thank you! I'm glad you like it. The track you're trying to find is "The Dark Age" by Tartalo Music. I don't know why the title didn't come up on the mix; 8tracks has an iffy tagging system.

@Igniparous Thank you SO much! Yeah sometimes the titles and tags are messed up, I wonder if some contents are still on beta testing because it seems like it!