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these worlds we unravel


these worlds we unravel
between the sheets of our dreams
are mist on our skin
the peppermint air that we breathe

they taste like tomorrow
somewhere black cannot bleed
and I long to reach into
the worlds we unweave

almost touching infinity
but I can’t cut the strings
almost free from reality
but still the noose clings

these worlds we unravel
with fingers numb from the night
are words from our tale
from the story that we write
-- Stellular Scribe

Cover art: http://katiedesousa.com/

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Thank you so much for posting this playlist! It definitely helped the making of my short story! It's about Death and some other things but I just got chills and the realisation some of the piano pieces sounds like what a japanese movie *cough* movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki *cough* and gave me the feels! Any ways, thanks for the playlist! Totally gave me inspiration and all! <3

@fallenangelsdesires You're welcome! I'm glad that it was able to help you with your short story; it sounds really interesting! Some of the music on this playlist (like the Ni No Kuni theme) was actually composed by Joe Hisaishi, who wrote the musical scores for all of Miyazaki's movies. Thanks for the kind words! :)