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I'll never be happy


Now my depression has a face
I still imagine her in lace
She serves the purpose to remind
Me of how my life is all what-ifs, rewind
To the night I stayed up late because
I thought she was going to drink to death, buzz
Go the bees stinging me as another memory
Of her laughing at my jokes hits my kidney
Her eyes, such beautiful things, silver lined
But I slashed her as I felt myself unwind
The pain from all the times I cried
Such beautiful things I wrote for her
Those happy months spent feel like a blur
Compared to the hours I became that monster
While I made her feel corrupt, a lost girl
She made me feel like I was evil
Such a terrible man I am
Who still thinks of holding her under his arm
As we sleep quietly and blissfully
Conquering our insomnia, that disability

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