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2k15 Summer Playlist


Remember 2k14 summer? Well I'm taking it back to that year!

(UPDATE: So, I did a summer playlist back in 2k14, and that was a horrible summer for me, literally said it wouldn't be awful, and turned out it would, this one better be good, I used to have an acct on 8T, but deleted it, and now I will reupload the music, that may be annoying to you, but give me good memories and yes.. some of these songs are lame, and catchy, and not your type, but let's be open minded. Frankie Grande better not diss! -.-)

I've been procrastinating on this playlist so much omg.

These were some of the songs I could remember that I had added, I'm kinda out of all them, so ugh. I'll still add some from time to time so yep.

x ;P

23 tracks
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