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Aggressively Proud, Not Joking.


This is highkey a pl about my favourite women who have legit looked super beautiful and I'm so proud of them! For starter Perrie, do not even get me started on how beautiful she looks, from sweet to fierce and ik the KK Klan always die for fame but why can't ppl give Kim a damn break, there is nothing funny about the situation and how she's legit started to dress, I've never felt so bad for a rich person and Demi.. adore her mind set on the whole body types and flaws, love her so much-- so many inspirations. This is legit an aggressive and powerful playlist aspired by Perrie Edwards and I'm actually proudddd!

Basically a girl power playlist, goshhh and I'm so so so happy that this applies to one of my best friends who I adore so much!! ENJOY xx

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