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Naturally Born To Love


TBH I'm glad I finished this playlist, this playlist contains a part of myself, ever since I was little I've always noticed how people feel, either I was too observant, or too careful to make sure to not make a person feel like a burden. I remember when a man looked at my mom like he's never seen beauty before, when my brother fell in love without realizing how deep in pain he was going to be in, how my grandma cried when she was in pain, it's like seeing a puzzle, and you accidently get interested in that puzzle and you put a piece back in its accurate spot and it's like you've fixed a broken piece of their heart without even trying and the joy in their eyes is just mesmerizing... it's beautiful..

That was too deep, I'm going to go think of food and sleep lol, enjoy everyone (: xx

22 tracks
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