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Sit back & Chill the fuck out.


A rather large selection of super catchy/experimental sounding tracks.

Soothing beats, fantastic vocals & more. From ATB to The XX.

Awesome to listen to in the shower! :)

73 tracks
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I enjoy it very much. Glad that the music you picked is consistent. Very relaxing and I can listen to your play list in the shower and when I'm studying. Great job

I started this playlist around 11:00pm while working on my car. It's now 3am and these songs have kept me going strong and I don't want to quit because I want to keep listening. Killer mix! Thank you for keeping me up all night! This car will be done in no time at this rate!

Hey thanks! I was concerned this mix was going to turn people off since it's so long. Glad I didn't shorten it at all. I'm happy you like it! :)