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candy candy☆☆

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AWW YAY UR SO WELCOME *waggles eyebrows* ive heard of that site so im definitely going to be using it a lot and OMG ALL THE SONGS ON YOUR SOUNDCLOUD ARE ADORABLE *girlish laughter* (≧∇≦)

whenever i click on a mix that i love, you are always the one who made it and for that THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG. i was wondering though where to do find most of your music (the j-pop mostly) that you add to your mixes? i need some place to download songs to add to some of the mixes im making and im running out of songs lol ahh sorry if im bugging you ^_^

this comment made me so happy AAAAAAA THANK YOU!!! most of my music i find on youtube then use this website: (youtube-mp3 . com) also i have a lot of music uploaded on my soundcloud here if you're interested https://soundcloud.com/hinata-kun !! thanks again for your appreciation it made my day!! ^o^*