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fresh mourning


when one of your loved ones passes and you just need to lose yourself in lyrics that helps you to say what you can't in real life. i just needed to make this.
jarod, this one is for you. rip, friend. i love you.

20 tracks
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This is a really good mix, made me really sad... I'm writing a report for All Quiet on the Western Front, so I needed something to make me sad. So sorry for your loss.

My boyfriend's Aunt (and best friend's mom) has just passed away and I believe it would help for them to listen to this. Thank you for making this. It will be very helpful for them.

Thank you ikkinique. My best friend left us three days ago, and this has been really useful. I'm sure they're both in Heaven now, and that we'll meet them when the time is right. In the meantime, we can revel in the memories and in the blessed time we spent with them. God bless you.

he was one of my best friends too. thank you for your kind words, god bless you too. one day we'll be better, no matter how bleak it seems. i'm glad my playlist was of some use to you :)