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a playlist dedicated to yume nikki, a beautiful and haunting rpghorror, as well as my very first.
beautiful cover by: http://www.pixiv.com/users/3329173

  • YUME NIKKI by Yume Nikki
  • by Mr.Children
  • Depression Of The Young Literati (文学少年の憂鬱) by Vania Agustin
  • Sakurairo Time Capsule by Suzumu ft. Soraru
  • ver. Glutamine by Lynne
  • Howls Moving Castle ~music box~ by gonmat91
  • 【UTAUカバー】Ageha Chou【危険音 うり】 by DameNeko
  • Laugh Maker by BUMP OF CHICKEN
  • いつも何度でも by 広橋真紀子
  • 【合唱】 ローリンガール Rolling Girl by Nico Nico Chorus
  • Solo Con Un Beso (As Made Famous by Ricardo Montaner) by Reyes De Cancion
  • Yume Nikki Ending Theme (Rock) by L Jack
12 tracks