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one fine day when i woke up dead


when you love someone, you do not make them tell war stories. a war story is a black space. on the one side is before and on the other side is after, and what is inside belongs only to the dead.

[catherynne m. valente, deathless]

[art by faun-songs]

10 tracks
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does anyone have a tracklist for this? only half the songs are playing for me and I really wanna hear the rest

I'm not gonna lie, when that beautiful cover of Be My Baby came on I cried real tears. This is an amazing mix, and when coupled with that picture it just hits you so hard. Great song choices.

This is currently my favorite playlist period. As a Bucky playlist you did an excellent job at selecting a unique and cohesive collection to tell his story.

This mix is SICK. Musically, lyrically, every note is visceral and keening and just devastating. The most hearty of standing o's, man. Great job.