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STRONGER THAN EVER: a 'so long and good night' mix


a mix inspired by highandholy's fic 'so long and good night,' focusing on jack's pov with some tracks influenced by gabe. this mix starts with a naive jack’s introduction into the soldier enhancement program and then focuses on his close relationship with gabe.

**new songs as of october 4th, 2016
**lol more new songs as of november 6th, 2016

cover art:

18 tracks
3 comments on STRONGER THAN EVER: a 'so long and good night' mix

ok i know i commented on this already, but i really love the additions.. and then some literally epitomizes them/the fic i s2g!!! i'm still dying over your mix my dude!

@gangrel omg man thanks so much i heard it shortly after i made the mix n was like !! holy shit! why didn't i hear this earlier! thanks again!

i swear ive listened to this everyday since i've found it i'm shook.. this mix is just so perfect!! i love how you really make jack's naivete and pride come across... but gosh, stand by me has me imagining that he's fallen so hard ;v; u have such a good taste in songs omg ILU