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pastel fantasy


idk cute music

  • ゆうゆ 【Yume Nikki】 by [☆24EFFECTS☆] endleSSStation
  • Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi
  • 15 by sayCet
  • Dream Fragments by Naya Nasir
  • Kiichi【Yume Nikki】 by [☆24EFFECTS☆] Neon Flower
  • Helix Nebula by Anamanaguchi
  • Factory by Dream
  • Opening 2 (Music Box) by Harvest Moon Back To Nature
  • Kiichi 【Yume Nikki】 by [☆24EFFECTS☆] 暗黒時代
  • Namine's Theme by soundofwaves
  • 日記帳を閉じる日 by Day of a Closed Diary
11 tracks
4 comments on pastel fantasy

For the record 'Dream Fragments' is by composer Yasunori Mitsuda for the video game Chrono Cross - not by somebody named Naya Nasir on SoundCloud - nice mix otherwise

@Solemn_Snake I'm aware of that but it's probably 8tracks's doing displaying the name of the soundcloud user instead of the composer.