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Pokéforest Travel


a mix for all the forests in the pokemon world

good to listen to if you want to relax or something c:

edit: ahhh!! thank you for all the likes and your lovely comments!! i cant believe my mix got gold :D!

  • 61 - Frozen Flame by Sabreisk
  • To the Place of Gods by Final Fantasy XII OST
  • Maplestory by MapleStory
  • Dreamcatcher by Alexandre Desplat
  • Forest Mystery Bump by Chrono Trigger
  • Wind and Flower by Maplestory Elluel (Mercedes World)
  • Eterna Forest Remix by Pokemon Platinum
  • 迷いの森 by 植松伸夫
  • Town Areas by ST03 Vigrid
  • Maplestory by MapleStory
  • Inception OST FLAC by Hans Zimmer
  • 112 Viridian Forest by Kim HackHyun
12 tracks
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