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The Stages of Fear


There are Five Stages of Fear.

Stage One: Panic (Tracks 1-2)

Stage Two: Inertia (Tracks 3-4)

Stage Three: Striving (Tracks 5-6)

Stage Four: Coping (Tracks 7-8)

Stage Five: Actualization (Tracks 9-10)

Remember, there's always someone there, someone who grabs you out of the dark, who brings you back. And that person is special. Hold on to them. Stay with them. Do. Not. Let. Them. Go.

  • Trust Me by The Devil's Carnival
  • moi by Ignore
  • My Jolly Sailor Bold by Pirates Of The Caribbean
  • Circus by Mélanie Laurent
  • O My Heart by Mother Mother
  • Constant knot by Yuri Rodrigues
  • To Lose Someone by Taken by Trees
  • Violeta Parra by radiomuseudaimigracao
  • Port of Call by Beirut
  • Swimming By Florence + The Machine by LissieMizzy
10 tracks
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