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Take a wrong turn and you'll find yourself in this godforsaken desert town where everything seems slightly surreal. While you're here, why not check out the vending machine in the park that dispenses nothing but miniature cacti? Or maybe visit the monument commemorating the day in 1895 that, on that very spot, nothing happened. Don't buy anything from the residents, however, and don't stick around after it gets dark...

//photo credit to Thomas Hawk (original: | license: with editing by me//

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@bluestrike Is this the monument where nothing happened? lol www(dot)pleated-jeans(dot)com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/tmp1_ww.vpg

@whitesilenceinthesnow The link isn't working even though I've changed the (dots) to actual I'm not sure! I got the idea from a link my friend sent me probably like, a year ago about a monument that said something like "on this date, nothing happened here." But I looked it up, and apparently there are plaques you can buy that say "On this site in 1897 nothing happened", and there's a Flickr group documenting places the signs have been found: flickr(dot)com/groups/nothinghappened/pool/

@Roundabout Mermaid Thanks so much! I put a lot of effort into trying to make every part of the mix cohesive, from the order of the actual songs to writing the description to choosing a cover picture, so I'm glad it's appreciated.