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Partners In Crime

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an eris & loki mix

for tricksters of chaos and mischief, for gods who have daemon and giant blood

["hey, little troublemaker" "hey, big troublemaker"]

  • starvation by two steps from hell | thomas bergersen
    prologue; where sagas and myths are created
  • The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (NADASOUND Remix) by Smashing Pumkins
  • my body is a cage by peter gabriel
    eris & loki; for an untold friendship
  • lokasenna by brian tyler
    interlude; godling psychosis
  • Make Me a Bird by Elektrik People
    loki to eris; let's shape-shift
  • seven devils by florence + the machine
    loki; when you're demonized
  • heart of fire by valentin wiest
    epilogue; war and death follows
7 tracks
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