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Harvey Specter, Style Defines Men.

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Hey people of the world! I had been been looking for Harvey's playlist for so long. But, then when I found it, I have gotten sort of addicted to it! It is just so amazing! Suits has just awesome soundtracks! My favorites are Phantoms and Friends by Old Man Canyon, How Do you Like Me Now by The Heavy (Raffertie remix), and Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye! So, I'd say ball is in your court but the truth is that if you don't listen to these songs, your balls are in Harvey's fist! Now, I apologize if that image is too pansy for you, but he was comfortable enough with his manhood to put it out there... in the first god-damned episode! Lol, I'm just a huge Harvey fan!

hahha i liked that " your balls are in Harvey's fist! Now" expression and don't be sorry suits rocks especially harvey and all the songs in that serie are awesome thats why i chose theme in the first place