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Royal Wickedness 2


A sweet as saccharine true love story of two psychopaths in a totally crazy Shakespearean hot mess. God help anyone who disrespects his cupcake doll.

This playlist includes dark collection of songs inspired from the overly sweet serial relationship of Harley Quinn and the Joker. With songs from The Chainsmokers, Die Antwoord, Halsey, and a whole lot more. Check out another royalty's wicked crazy love story at part 1:

'Will you live for me?'
- Suicide Squad || 08.14.2016

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34 tracks
3 comments on Royal Wickedness 2

Ah, Leto Joker, easily the hottest Joker ever xD. Sorry I'm weird. Anyways, Amazing choice of songs. I don't really ship this couple because I just don't see Joker actually loving her but still pretty sick mix dude. Leto Joker is probably my favorite movie version of him.

@Ben Solo Wow! Thank you so much, happy to know that you like my play list. And yes haha I absolutely agree, Jared Leto really is the hottest Joker ever ^_^