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A chill crawls, spiderlike, up Peggy’s spine. She doesn’t turn because she doesn’t have to; after all these years, she is familiar with the broad shape of his presence.
"J. Buchanan Barnes," says the familiar dark voice, and he reaches out to shake President Kennedy’s hand. His shoulder brushes hers. "It’s a privilege to work on this project with you, sir."
for drop-deaddream, that fucker, who wrote this fucker:

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I adore this playlist, but the link to the story doesn't work and I can't find it anywhere!! Do you know what happened to it or if there's a different link? I tried searching, but thought maybe you had an in with the author and knew? I'd love to read it!! And I LOVE your historical clips, too!! Amazing job!

Staying awake on holiday sipping cheap Italian wine and staring into the dark just because I can't stop listening. I'm fraught and never have I actually felt what that means. The tension, the spoken sections, the instrumental pieces. Everything is just so spot on. I've loved a lot of what you've done, but except for maybe your euology mix for Steve, this is probably my favorite mix on 8tracks.

Just fucking amazing. Also forgot to mention the brutality of some of Peggy's songs counterpoint to the love songs was PERFECT OH MY GOSJ. Someone wants me to define Peggy carter for them, I'll point them to her section of this mix

holy shit. holy shit this is astounding. I absolutely love how you opened and closed each section with spoken pieces, and all the song choices were PERFECT. the fancy cover for Howard, things we lost in the fire for Peggy, and arsonist's lullaby for Bucky were some of my favorite choices. Sister song was fucking tragic, it fits that whole Bucky-Peggy-Steve dynamic perfectly. The choral arrangement of I carry your heart just---it was so beautiful, so gorgeous, and that poem with Bucky and to end the whole mix (bc everybody really does carry Steve in their heart in this story, don't they?)