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∘∘∘ all for that 45 ∘∘∘

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─ for those 45 points
for that acceptance into university
for getting a job

a mix of relaxing and upbeat pieces to lengthen brain stamina while keeping a steady mind as your brain works

  • von (feat. Arnor Dan) by Zankyou No Terror OST
  • Rylynn by Andy McKee
  • Your Hand in Mine by headlinemusic
  • The Theme of Rule of Rose by amuromahmoud
  • Laughing With by Regina Spektor
  • May Be by Yiruma
  • Welcome to Maple Story by Sky Fog
  • Maplestory Cash Shop (MeCu Remix) by Hai, I'm MeCu
  • Spontaneous Me Lindsey Stirling by Jorge Soares 8
9 tracks
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