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Falling in

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Awww! Thanks, lovely! I'm glad you gave it a listen, and you know how highly I value your words. The original line up is "Friend is a Four Letter Word", "Maps", "Wish You Were Here", "Call me, Call me", "Until the Day I Die", "I Owe You a Love Song", "I See You", and "Helen". The song, "Helen", is one of those songs I want to dance to every time I hear it, but I want to dance it with someone I really, truly love.

I love the idea behind it, and the mix itself is AWESOME. much love...

if only 8 tracks didn't auto-randomize playlists after the first listening :(

...trying something out. (this sounds corny as hell, but oh, well..) I kinda had this playing in my head as I was toying around with a story of two people falling in love.. And, how I had it originally arranged represented that pretty ok, I think.